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Natural Beauty

  • Absolute Essential - Argan Oil Raw (Organic) 100ml

    Absolute Essential-Argan Oil Raw (Organic) 100ml Pure Argan oil has fast become one of the world's most celebrated carrier oils with its unique benefits for skin and hair. A rare plant oil made by an elaborate process from the seed of the Moroccon Argan...

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  • Absolute Essential - Blemish Free (Organic)

    Absolute Essential - Blemish Free (Organic) 10ml This amazingly gentle, restorative blend is a wonder for adolescent or menstrual skin due to its inherent astringent and antiseptic properties. Using a totally natural, pure botanical formulation that...

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  • Absolute Essential -Jasmine Oil 3% (Organic)

    Absolute Essential -Jasmine Oil 3% (Organic) 10ml The light floral fragrance of Jasmine has playful tones and relaxing, uplifting qualities that promote flow and communication. It may be especially useful as a counter to the 'stuck' energy of inhibition...

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  • Absolute Essential -Rose Maroc (Organic)

    Absolute Essential -Rose Maroc (Organic) 2ml This is a highly prized absolute concentrate with a rich floral scent that is beautifully balancing and harmonic. It has a soothing effect on the spirit and is also a wonderful tonic for the skin, especially...

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  • Absolute Essential Organic Skin Repair Cream

    Absolute Essential Organic Skin Repair Cream 100ml Excellent for all skin types. Nourishing & soothing, aids natural healing for wounds, cuts, bruises & scars. Great skin food ingredients: Lavender (organic), Calendula (organic) Aloe Vera,...

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    Badger Anti-Bug Spray

      118.3ml/4fl oz Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray Repels insects naturally with the pleasant aroma of Citronella, Rosemary, and Wintergreen essential oils. Laboratory tested to repel mosquitoes. No synthetic chemicals, DEET or petroleum products. ...

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  • Blemish Balm- Malcolm Harker

    125ml   An astringent plant gel-based formula, this balm has antibacterial and soothing qualities that provide nutrients to the skin. This acne preventing balm aids skin-tissue repair and is suitable in treating most skin blemishes. 852 Blemish Balm...

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  • Clay Powder. Skin Detox, Argyle White 50gm

    Botanical Name or Ingredients Pure Argyle Clay Powder, white, France. Add your own ingredients or just water. Here are some recommended recipes:When hydrated to create a beauty mask, Argyle Clay powder will cleanse, smooth & nourish the skin. Use...

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