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Breast Pump troubleshooting checklist  


FORTE:Place finger over the connector on the pump. Is there any suction at all? No? Unplug pump and unscrew the tip lid off. Look for a clear silicon hose on the inside and place the disconnected end onto the connector on white cylinder and the other end onto the black connector on front panel to ensure both ends are sealed. Check nothing is laying loose inside. (NEVER TOUCH THE INSIDE OF PUMP WHEN PLUGGED IN)


Yes there is slight suction but weak? Check all consumable parts for damage by separating each part (Shield kit). These can be damaged during cleaning. Two important parts to check are:
White wedge shaped valve (1st picture)-The slit should be tight and small not reaching both sides of the valve and should suckright in when the pump is on and there is a seal over the breast shield.


Milk back flow protector unit (2nd picture). Pull apart and check round silicon disk has no dented edges. Reseal and test while breast shield has a seal on it. The silicon membranes should be increasing in height as you turn the suction up and also synchronising with each other. Listen for a hissing sound coming through the unit. If it is hissing, there is an air leak and customer will need to purchase a new one.

Put everything back together and test for suction improvement.


ALLEGRO PUMP:Place your finger over pump connector and check if there is any suction. No? Has it been charged? Plug should show red when charging and green when full. Signs that it is a fault inside the pump are:                           

  • Not turning on after a full charge.
  • Not turning off
  • Sucking in and not releasing.
    Send this to us for a fast repair.

If the pump irregularly turns off while pumping, plug it in while using and leave it plugged in overnight. It may just be an “electronic freezing” episode.                                    
Spring:  Inside the milk back flow protector which should measure between 2cm and 2.5cm tall and be placed the right way with the widest part at the bottom (see picture).  This should go up and down when pumping.
If simply a weakened suction, check consumable parts as mentioned above for the Forte.

If under a week old, pump body only can be replaced. If over a week, we will need to inspect and repair


Most pumps may eventually develop a repetitious discreet noise of some sort. This is normal and part of the mechanics. If the noise is offensive and irritating to the customer, please send the motor to us and we will repair this within 48 hours. We can return to you or direct to your customer.


If a pump is needed while waiting for repair, a switch kit can be purchased to convert a shield kit into a manual pump. We will send straight after ordering or you can find a stockist near you here
You may be able to borrow a pump from a friend. Hand express.


If unsure about anything, please contact us.We do not do money back refunds. In order to create a fair solution we will need to inspect the pump.Please provide return details inside the box along with you proof of purchase or order number.

Send your pump to:

Unimom NZ

43 Vipond Road

Stanmore Bay

0932 Auckland

Call us on 09 424 8273 for help

Lack of milk supply:

* Do not rely on your pump to do all the work for you. Depending on many circumstances, some mothers may be able to sit back and pump their full amount, but some mothers need to help themself out a little. Please see here for tips on getting your max volume per pump.

-Check all of the above. If everything seems fine but your milk supply has decreased, try some other methods below before you send your pump in for inspection.

Milk supply can decrease after 3 months due to many reasons, such as baby sucking less, stress, tiredness....

-When pumping start at a very low level and slowly make your way up. Most mothers do not need to go to max. If using the Forte do not turn the dial right up to max straight away. If using the Allegro start at 1 and slowly make your way up to level 4-5. If double pumping start at 4 and work your way up to 7.

-Try pumping with one shield only. This can sometimes produce more flow for mothers than double pumping.

-Access your stress levels, sleep and diet. These can have a huge effect on your supply.

-Take a galactagogue supplement such as tea or blessed thistle, or oats and barley. Our website can give you some suggestions.

-Borrow a friends pump and see if this makes a difference.

For more information on increasing milk supply click here