Breastmilk Benefits

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I want to keep giving my baby breast milk.
Why might I want a pump?

Breast milk is recommended for your baby for at least 6 months or more if possible.

Statistics show that giving breast milk alone saves you $2000 + per year on formula costs.

A breast pump is quite an essential thing to buy for most mothers who want to give their baby breast milk. Thinking ahead makes life alot easier once your baby is born.


REASON 1: Some mothers haver low milk supply after birth due to many reasons such as, genetics; birth outcome (c section- gives a slow start to the lactating hormone production); diet, stress...

Using a pump after each breast feed provides extra stimulation to your breasts and milk glands, which encourages them to produce more milk each time. For this reason a breast pump is usually needed by the 2nd day of birth when it becomes obvious your baby is not getting enough. People end up spending well over our buy now price to hire one straight away.

We provide fast courrier if sent in the morning. It works to hand express onto a teaspoon to provide a feed for your baby while waiting for your pump to arrive. Each day your baby grows, he/she requires more milk.


REASON 2: You baby may not latch properly or suck straight away. For many reasons this happens. Your baby maybe be lethargic for the first couple of days due to jaundice; the result of having pregnancy diabetes; tongue tie; or simply lack of coordination. This means it is important to provide stimulation to your breasts to produce milk to make up for the lack of baby sucking.


REASON 3: To provide a way of giving your baby breast milk while you heal up from nipple damage. To give you relief or to provide extra stimulation if needing to  use a nipple shield (A nipple coverage to use for each feed to decrease the pain when damaged).


REASON 4: For Convenienc. Being able to go out and still provide breast milk. You can go shopping in peace or go out with the girls, or a indulge in a date night with your partner that you have been longing for! A breast pump means you can fill up a bottle to give to the babysitter, your partner or the grandparants. We also provide milk storage bags to freeze in advance. These can be frozen for 2 months in fridge freezer or 4 months in the deep freeze and defrosts ready for use within 5 minutes!


How often would I need to pump?

FOR INCREASING MILK SUPPLY: You would usually be pumping every 3 hours for 10 minutes on each side after a breast feed untill your milk supply has increased enough to meet your baby's needs.


FOR FEEDING YOUR BABY THAT WONT LATCH: Usually every two or three hours to have a feed ready for your baby each time.


FOR USING WHILE WAITING FOR DAMAGED NIPPLES TO HEAL. Enough times to provide enough milk for your baby each time you dont want to put him/her to the breast. Every three hours give or take.


FOR CONVENIENCE: Whenever you want. Depends on how much you want to store and what your baby takes. Most mums choose a time when they are at their fullest each day and collect enough milk for one feed in one pump session. Other mums, expecially with big babies have to pump a couple of times per day to collect enough milk to full a bottle.

Introducing, "UNIMOM"

Our Unimom products are about mothers being the sole source of nutrition for their children.

These easy electric and battery operated portable pumps are designed for comfort and speed that will ensure you good results.

Researched and tested, these are sold to you by a qualified midwife and mother who can guarantee you quality at a low price

We provide other products to go with your pump to bring extra convenience and make it easier for you to continue with breastfeeding.

All bottles and bags are BPA free.


We provide a 12 month warranty for your pumps motor.