Trouble Shooting For Electric Breast Pumps

Unimom electric pumps have a 1 year warranty on pump body. Consumable parts, including Mezzo are not under warranty. Our policy is inspection and repair only.


Ensure one side of the pump port is sealed. Turn pump on and flick your finger on the open port. Slowly turn the suction up while still flicking your finger on and off to feel if the suction significantly increases. If it does then the motor is fine.

**99% of the time it is only a motor issue if the pump cuts out or runs but has no suction at all. If there is still some suction, it is 99% of the time a parts issue.

 If No suction at All Send PUMP BODY ONLY for inspection and repair to address provided on the back of this page (We work on it as soon as it arrives and send the next working day)

NEXT STEP TEST PARTS: Customer needs to purchase replacement part.
Parts have either been damaged when washing (bottle brush through the valve is common issue causing a slight tear) or worn out over time, or melted during a sterilising mishap.
We recommend a mother replace her breast shield kits after 3 months of use. If too soon and customer wants to eliminate and find the part causing an air leak then...

Ask customer to dry well and reseal all parts. Connecting only 1 shield kit to pump.
2.  Watch YouTube troubleshooting link under Unimom NZ channel To identify air leak source (part is commonly the valve or large membrane or the whole milk back flow protector unit.

If customer is in shop and you have tested motor. You can try and and find the cause of airleak yourself...  (If an Allegro, ensure the spring is used)

1.Turn pump on and connect one shield at a time. Seal the flange by placing a box of milk storage bags over it or put it face down on the bench. Listen for a hissing sound. If hissing with each pump, then there is an air leak in the back flow unit. If not.....

Look at the valves and check if the slit has reached both sides and been ripped slightly. Should only be small slit. Approx 7mm opening

Keep the seal on and watch the valve. If sucking in and out strongly when turned up, it is good. If not then it is weak. Purchase new valve.

***If you are unable to go without a pump for a couple of days, Unimom have switch kits available for purchase at your nearest retail store. 


Service Centre Return Delivery/Drop Off Address

Unimom NZ

Express The Best
49 Main Road South, Levin 5510 (mail and return centre, not an on site service centre) 

Include proof of purchase, phone number, a note explaining the issue and return address

*Purchase a switch kit with every electric breast pump for backup in case of situation that puts you without a pump

*Purchase an extra set of valves and back flow units with an electric pump to have set aside in case of damaged or worn out parts. If you discover you pump has decreased in suction, you can bring these new parts out straight away to use.