Choosing The Best Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is always the number one option for babies and provides all your baby’s needs in the first 6 months of life. The right breast pump can be a great breastfeeding aid in times of need. Mothers choose to use a breast pump for many reasons, such as to increase milk supply and maintain a sufficient supply of milk, to provide milk for a premature baby, to induce lactation for an adopted baby and even to store milk for baby when not breastfeeding.


Manual breast pump

For occasional use. Very convenient and portable with less cost. Look for one that only needs one hand to operate, like the Unimom Mezzo manual breast pump. It is easy to assemble, only needs one hand to operate and has an easy grip handle.

Mini electric breast pump

Designed for part time expressing. Usually up to 4-5 times per day. Runs via battery or AC adapter. Smaller and portable. Some can be very noisy, especially if the motor is attached to the breast shield. Ones with an air tube between the motor and breast shield are usually quieter. The Unimom Allegro has a bonus in-built rechargeable battery which charges every time the pump is plugged in. This gives up to 2 hours of portable pumping life. The noise is a soft vibrating noise which is very inoffensive and can be used in public without making a racket!

The Unimom Minuet is an even smaller and quieter pump with an informative LCD screen and USB charging port. The Minuet is an upgraded version of the Allegro with a 2 phase massager and expressing mode. 

Hospital grade pump

This type may be required for a mother who needs to express full time, long term. Hospital grade pumps are designed with a type of motor that endures a lot of use, and has a wider suction range. They are not as portable as a mini electric pump and use AC adapter only. The Unimom Forte hospital grade pump is quiet and very efficient. It is built as compact as can be, making it quite portable and convenient. The Unimom Carry Bag is a great accessory to have for storing your pump and consumable parts.


  • All consumable parts should be BPA-free
    These endocrine-disrupting chemicals are super nasty and are increasingly being shown to have far-reaching health effects, so you definitely do not want them anywhere near your baby (or yourself!).
  • Hygienic closed system
    Your breast pump should have a hygienic closed system. This means that no milk will never enter your breast pump motor causing damage or bacteria build up and mould inside. It is important that it does not only have a closed filter, it needs to have a milk back flow protector that is a fully closed system.

Unimom is a popular choice of breastfeeding products because of high quality standards, affordability, eco friendliness and excellent customer reviews. The entire pump cover and accessories are made of BPA-free, phthalates-free and lead-free materials, making Unimom unique. Used in hospitals and approved by lactation consultants, midwives and other health professionals. Unimom is an excellent choice for comfort and successful breastfeeding.
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Why would I use a breast pump?

Breast feeding is a natural process but does not always come naturally for some mothers. Milk supply may be slow to come after birth; nipples may be inverted, flat or large and fibrous affecting a sufficient latch in the beginning stages; Nipples may be damaged due to insufficient latch or from a hindrance on baby’s end such as tongue tie or cleft lip or palate; Baby may not be sucking effectively due to sleepiness, jaundice, or may be preterm and unable to breast feed straight away.

A breast pump is a breast feeding aid to help maintain breastfeeding during these times.
How it works:

  • Using a pump after each breast feed provides extra stimulation to your breasts and milk glands, which encourages them to produce more milk each time. For this reason a breast pump is usually needed by the 2nd day of birth when it becomes obvious your baby is not getting enough.
  • Stimulates your milk supply to come back when it has dried up from being away from baby in hospital or on medication unsuitable for breastfeeding.
  • Maintains milk supply when you need to be away from baby due to a medical situation.
  • Enables you to pump milk out for your baby when he/she is unable to suck or when you are unable to breastfeed for a time due to damaged nipples or nipple shape hindrances.


We recommend you know what you want before birth so that if you do end up needing one, you can purchase what you need instantly.

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