Unimom Accessories

  • Disposable Nursing Pads

    Disposable Nursing Pads

    Unimom Disposable Nursing Pads are a patent design for more discretion, softness and absorbency with an evenly layered, adjustable fit. Features: Natural & Soft absorbency Evenly layered design for discrete fit Non-Slip strong adhesive double strips...

    $11.65 - $39.90
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  • Tooth Brush Holder for UV Upang Sterilizers

    Tooth Brush Holder for UV Upang Sterilizers

    Toothbrush Holder Accessory for Infra Red / Ultraviolet Sterilizer This Listing is only for the Tooth Brush holder complete with suction cups to maximise space inside your uPang UV Sterliser Have peace of mind knowing 99.9% of Bacteria has been...

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  • Unimom Feeder Cup

    The Unimom feeder cup is specially designed so you can feed your newborn expressed breast milk without causing nipple confusion from using a teat and bottle. Also ideal for catching excess milk from full leaky breast from one side while feeding or...

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  • Unimom Nipple Former

    Unimom Nipple Former

    Unimom nipple formers are a non invasive breastfeeding aid to help gently prepare flat or inverted nipples for breastfeeding. The soft, flexible silicone membrane applies gentle pressure to draw the nipple out. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Assemble the former...

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  • Unimom Nipple Shell

    Unimom Nipple Shell

    Unimom Nipple Shells are designed to protect sore or wounded nipples from chafing on your clothes. The ventilated front allows air to circulate through for a quicker healing. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Assemble the shell cover with the membrane. Place nipple...

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  • Unimom Nipple Shields

    Unimom Nipple Shields are made of thin soft silicone that does not interfere with stimulation. These are an effective breastfeeding aid when nipples are flat, sensitive or wounded, for feeding a premature, small or ill infant, or when trying to wean a...

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  • Unimom Switch Kit

    Unimom Switch Kit

    A five piece kit that enables you to convert your breast shield into a manual pump! Especially handy if you own a Forte breast pump as this does not have an inbuilt rechargable battery like the Allegro and Minuet pump do. This is also handy to have...

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