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About Us


Our Proudly New Zealand Owned Company

We are the exclusive Unimom distributors for New Zealand 

Founded and directed by a Midwife and Mother, in 2010 Express the Best was birthed from a passion to promote breast feeding/ breast milk and family health by helping families to afford top quality products that would encourage them to pursue this journey.

Unimom products have been helping mothers express more milk, faster. Our quieter, comfortable pumps mimic your baby’s suck for better milk let-down. Free from BPA, phthalate and lead, they’re affordable, durable, easy to use and easy to clean. With fewer fiddly parts and a fully closed back flow protection system, our pumps are the most hygienic on the market. A top quality brand proven worldwide and approved and trusted by Lactation Consultants, Midwives, other health professionals and used in most hospitals

Our mission is to help all families afford high quality breastfeeding aids to ensure you have what you need on this precious journey, which is why we endeavor to keep our products priced affordably. New Zealand and Australia's popular pick since 2010, Unimom is an excellent choice for comfort and successful breastfeeding. 



We are also the NZ distributors for Pump Ease Hands Free Pumping Bras and Upang UV Sterilisers and Express The Best Cloth Nappies.

We stock a range of natural health products, vitamins, baby carriers and more, and aim for all of our products to be healthy, eco friendly, quality and affordable. We find joy in helping you along this parenting journey.
We are customer focused, working fast and efficient to ship your order to you and/or reply to your messages. 


If you are interested in becoming a Unimom stockist, please click the wholesale tab to read more and email us at

Our team

Tara & Kevin have recently bought operate as a husband and wife team with the help of some staff members.

Leah is a Midwife and plays a crucial part in picking the best and most useful products to sell, while Stuart negotiates the supply and delivery of inventory.
Knowing what kind of breast pump New Zealand needed for mothers from Leah's experience with working with  many breast pumps as a midwife, and using Stuarts technical engineering skills they searched and trialed with volunteer mothers for a year until they found the perfect motor and design that would prove to become the best breast pumps in New Zealand. 9 years later and they sure have proven to be! They did not want just any old pump and their mission from the beginning was to keep the pricing as affordable as they possibly can for NZ families so that all family's got the chance to own quality and be encouraged to pursue their breastfeeding journey. They can assure you, Unimom is the best choice.

With the type of products we sell we understand you will want them asap so we work as fast as we can to get your order on its way. 


Please email if you have any questions about our great range of products.