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Why a breast pump?

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Unimom is fast becoming a popular choice of breast feeding products because of their high quality standards, affordability, eco friendliness and excellent customer reviews.

Breast feeding and providing breast milk for your baby helps to lay the foundations of a healthy life for them. Health studies have proved that breast milk is the best and the benefits are hugely significant.
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended until babies are 6 months to two years.

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Why would I use a breast pump?

Breast feeding is a natural process but does not always come naturally for some mothers. Milk supply may be slow to come after birth; nipples may be inverted, flat or large and fibrous affecting a sufficient latch in the beginning stages; Nipples may be damaged due to insufficient latch or from a hindrance on baby’s end such as tongue tie or cleft lip or palate; Baby may not be sucking effectively due to sleepiness, jaundice, or may be preterm and unable to breast feed straight away.

A breast pump is a breast feeding aid to help maintain breastfeeding during these times.
How it works:

  • Using a pump after each breast feed provides extra stimulation to your breasts and milk glands, which encourages them to produce more milk each time. For this reason a breast pump is usually needed by the 2nd day of birth when it becomes obvious your baby is not getting enough.
  • Stimulates your milk supply to come back when it has dried up from being away from baby in hospital or on medication unsuitable for breastfeeding.
  • Maintains milk supply when you need to be away from baby due to a medical situation.
  • Enables you to pump milk out for your baby when he/she is unable to suck or when you are unable to breastfeed for a time due to damaged nipples or nipple shape hindrances.


If you are indecisive about owning a breast pump before birth, we recommend you know what you want so that you do not get rushed in to hiring one for a costly price. With Unimom you can own quality and still beat hiring prices.

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